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Turkey Vegetable Meatloaf! (5 points +)

15 Mar

Meatloaf was a staple in my house growing up. My mom would always shape it into a circle and then fill it with mashed potatoes before she served it. It was a fun and delicious meal that we looked forward to. As many of you know I am a veggie hider, I like to put them in unexpected places my kids can not detect. This is another one of my favorite recipes! It is delcious and moist and it makes fantastic left overs for a sandwich! Only 5 points per serving! Enjoy! 

                                       photo courtesy of  Becoming Jane


Garlicky Spinach Cheese Squares (4 points +)

11 Mar

I have a lot of dip recipes, but I am always on the search for a new appetizer that is a little different and still delicious.  Frozen spinach is very easy to store and the rest of the ingredients are always in the pantry, so it is an easy last minute snack. It has lots of iron and yummy cheese! Everyone loves them!  They are 4 points + for a small square or you can cut them into large squares and eat it as a meal with a large salad! Enjoy!!


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