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30 minute Spanish Paella (7 pts +)

2 Mar

The word paella usually evokes the thoughts of sweating over the stove for hours or a big dollar sign might be popping into your head….don’t you need lobster? The answer is no, you can make a healthy, really delicious, inexpensive paella in 30 minutes. My husband loves to cook and he undertook this recipe and tweaked it to fit our tastes and my weight watchers points. I must say, he did an awesome job! It was slightly spicy and I liked that it was a meal in one. Your veggies, meat and starch all in one plate!….and for only 7 pts + for a big helping, you can’t go wrong!!


Quick Fried Rice!

21 Dec


Fresh and Easy Mexican Rice

14 Dec

We are having burritos tonight and I love mexican rice. Sometimes we buy the rice in a box, but it is never as good as the rice you can get in a mexican restaurant. I figured why not try to make my own with some veggies and see what the family thinks. Simple and did not take anymore time than a box mix. It was delicious!  


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