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Delicious Nutella, Banana Sandwiches (7 points +)

8 Apr


I have been enjoying my Julian Bakery bread the last few days and decided tonight to create a truly decadent sandwich……Nutella and Banana! As you know I love nutella. I bake cookies with it….remember my Dreamy cookies, I put it on bread and I eat it with a spoon. There is something magical about the combination of hazelnuts and chocolate that just make you happy: )


Banana (0 points +),

1 tbsp Nutella  (3 pts +)

2 slices of low carb bread (4 pts +)

Total – 7  points + for some delicious heaven!


I used the smart carb plain and it was REALLY good!!! The sandwich was awesome and I can see why the bread was rated the best low carb bread!!!


Dreamy Nutella Cookies (2 point +)

31 Mar

I have done it! I have created the best cookie ever!!! The other day I was browsing the internet looking for baked donut recipes (yes, I am making those soon!) and I came across a Nutella Thumbprint Cookie recipe on Emilybites. It sounded wonderful and weight watcher friendly, but since I am trying to incorporate Greek Yogurt into my recipes this week, I figured why not substitute ½ the butter with yogurt. The result is AMAZING!!!! I am a huge nutella fan. If you have never tried it I would HIGHLY recommend it. It is a creamy, chocolatey, hazelnutty wonderfulness……. These cookie are to die for and healthy to boot! Try them and you will swear you are not eating anything remotely healthy!

Dreamy  Nutella Cookies


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