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Greek Chicken Wraps! (7 points +)

17 Apr

Opah! I love Greek food and I have shared a few of my favorites like turkey gyro and tzatziki. This chicken wrap is very easy and delicious and can be a low point lunch or dinner. I am a member of Food Buzz….notice the ad to the right —–>and they send us yummy new products to try out. This week I got a coupon from the Food Buzz tastemakers program compliments of Tyson. A free bag of their new Grill and Ready meat. I went to the grocery store today and decided what I wanted. They had about 5 different options to choose from: chicken fajita strips, chicken southwest strips, seasoned beef strips and just plain grilled chicken. I decided on the plain grilled chicken, I figured that would allow me to decide later what I wanted to add it to.


The best part about these is that they are precooked and you can cook them up super fast and throw a meal together in 5 minutes. They are also only 3 points per serving! Yeah!

My husband whipped up these delicious wraps for 7 points each!

Greek  Chicken Wraps


Turkey Gyros with Tzatziki sauce!

13 Mar

I love Greek food! As a child I lived in Greece and Cyprus and it was the norm for our family to be eating calamari, taramosalata (fish egg dip), lamb and octopus. When we moved back to the states we were always on the lookout for real “Greek” food. When we moved to New England all the pizza restaurants are owned by Greek families so the restaurants are named things like “Acropolis” and “Athena”. Whenever we would see these restaurants my father would eagerly pull into the parking lot and we would storm in looking for Greek food. Unfortunately, most did not have any Greek food on the menu at all, but we did find a new favorite at most diners…Gyros. It is actually pronounced “Yer-os” and you can find it everywhere now, but it is always super fattening. The average Gyro with toppings will run you at least 20 points +! Yikes! It is however, one of my favorite things to eat. This summer I decided to experiment and find a gyro recipe online and see if I could replicate it at home. I found a recipe on food network and the main meat in it was lamb, I went to the grocery store and bought a pound and then came home and made the recipe. It was really good! The kids and my husband loved it. So yesterday I was craving it and decided to try it with ground turkey. It came out awesome! Use a very lean turkey like this:

I wrapped it in my favorite pita (totally worth the 4 points +) warmed on the griddle-

and topped in my fat free Tzatziki !!(recipe follows) Yum Yum and I really felt like I was indulging! Side it with baked fries or a Greek salad for the full diner experience!


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