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Garlicky Spinach Cheese Squares (4 points +)

11 Mar

I have a lot of dip recipes, but I am always on the search for a new appetizer that is a little different and still delicious.  Frozen spinach is very easy to store and the rest of the ingredients are always in the pantry, so it is an easy last minute snack. It has lots of iron and yummy cheese! Everyone loves them!  They are 4 points + for a small square or you can cut them into large squares and eat it as a meal with a large salad! Enjoy!!


Cinnamon Raisin Bread Pudding with Bourbon Sauce

13 Jan

Over the holidays, we ate a lot of desserts. We had pie, cakes, candy, cookies and bread pudding. Most people don’t think of bread pudding and say “Yum!”.  Honestly, I always associated it with mushy bread that was flavorless and boring. A few years ago my older sister introduced our family to a bread pudding recipe that my grandmother had copied from a popular New Orleans’s restaurant  The Court of Two Sisters on Bourbon Street. The recipe was complex and delicious. I replicated it this Thanksgiving and everyone raved, but it was a lot of work. So the week after Christmas my Dad asked if I could make bread pudding again and I was not thrilled with the idea. I wanted to do something easier, with fewer ingredients and make a bourbon sauce that did not require me to stir it slowly for ½ an hour. So I took out my trusty Better Homes and Garden’s cookbook (that was published in the 1960s) and turned to the bread pudding recipe. We did not have day old french bread, so I decided to substitute some cinnamon raisin bagels. This allowed me to forgo the cinnamon and raisins from the recipe. I also found a bourbon recipe that did not require 9 egg yolks and amazingly everyone liked the recipe just as much or more than the complicated one. Top with whipped cream or vanilla ice cream and I also substituted whisky for the bourbon.


Light and Fluffy Pancakes

11 Jan

I grew up eating bisquick pancakes.  On weekend mornings my mom would whip together a pancake breakfast for our family and we would drench them in butter and syrup. But, when I had my first “from scratch” pancake at a restaurant in college, I was shocked how different the texture and flavor were. Ever since I have been on the search for a delicious, easy recipe that emulates those pancakes I had years ago. Although I still make my kids bisquick pancakes, these are the ultimate weekend morning treat. For all of us that do not keep buttermilk in the fridge, you can create your own with items that are always in your pantry. Enjoy!



5 Ingredient Spaghetti Carbonara

8 Jan

Every family has that meal that reminds them of childhood. In our family my Dad traveled a lot for work, so when he was home it was a special treat, especially when he cooked. My Dad had a few recipes that he did over and over again, but by far our favorite was his spaghetti carbonara. Unlike the carbonara you can get in restaurants that has a heavy cream sauce and peas, this carbonara is lighter and very simple to make. The trick to making this carbonara just right is dump the hot pasta water, immediately put the spaghetti back in the pot, add the eggs and toss very quickly so that the egg coats the strands of pasta and does not turn into scrambled eggs. This meal is delicious with a fresh salad and garlic bread. You will be in bacon heaven!!


Quick Fried Rice!

21 Dec


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