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Organic Gardens and Easy No Knead Bread

1 Jun

Good morning everyone. It is a bright, beautiful day here in sunny Connecticut. We had a wonderful weekend of cookouts and gardening. My goal for this summer is to try and grow all our veggies and some of our fruit. My daughter and I went to our local organic nursery Jessica’s Garden and got all the essentials for our garden. (they also have awesome lobsters rolls and fresh ice cream! My favorites are goat tracks and dirty barn shoes (both chocolate with different mix ins) Gotta love rural CT!) I got a bunch of organic top soil and my favorite veggies. I like the fact that I can go out into my garden right before dinner and get fresh lettuce, cucumbers and tomatoes, still hot from the sun and the flavors just burst in your mouth!

So here is what we got!

4 kinds of tomatoes!

2 types of Cherry tomatoes and 2 regular sized tomatoes



1 green pepper, one red pepper and 1 banana pepper

My deck garden!

3 types of lettuce, strawberries, basil, cilantro and mint!



4 cucumbers, 1 zucchini and 1 yellow squash



2 blueberry bushes!


I got very inspired from a book I recently picked up called Wildly Affordable Organic by Linda Watson. She has amazing ideas on how to save money and very simple recipes. Last night I made her No Knead “Wisk” bread and baked it this morning! It was so amazing. Check out the recipe here. I will be giving away one of her books in July, it will change your outlook on how to eat organic on a budget!


Wisk bread!

mmmmm nutella


Have a great day!

Enjoying my backyard!

Bread Machine Banana Chocolate Chip Pecan Bread

19 Dec

I was pretty late with the whole bread machine craze. When my friends were all getting them at their wedding showers ten years ago, that was the last kitchen item I ever thought I would use. Last year my Mom made some cottage cheese dill bread in her bread machine. (I didn’t even know she had one) It was soft, warm and absolutely delicious. I smothered it in butter and I was hooked. Who thought fresh bread could be so easy to make! So I got a bread machine. Now to say I was a little obsessed with it when I first got it would be an understatement. I vowed never to buy that evil store bought bread again! I made every type of bread you can imagine. I started with the basic recipes and then started to expand my horizons. Did you know that you can make bread that looks like a bakery by simply using the dough cycle, shaping it and then putting it in a warm, empty dishwasher to rise? (On a cookie sheet, covered with a towel of course) It rises in no time and then you can have Ciabatta ( an amazing Italian bread), Challah ( an eggy, sweet bread that you can braid), Hawaiian Sweet bread (divine!) and other fancy looking breads that taste superior to anything you can find in the bakery section of the grocery store. The best part is you don’t get any dirty dishes and you can throw everything in on your way out the door. I am a big fan of doing a crock pot dinner with my bread machine bread. I put my bread machine on a timer and both are ready at the same time. Easy, no real clean up and fantastic. I have been on a bread making hiatus for a while, but decided to start up again today and some brown bananas called my name. This makes fabulous French toast.  I am already imagining it with oozing butter and warm maple syrup!!!! Yummy!


Picture courtesy of abigmouthful.com


Home Made Croutons!

9 Dec

One of my favorite things at a restaurant is a good salad bar. Not with all those mayonnaise based salads and bacon bits, but one with unusual, fresh toppings, a large array of salad dressings and homemade bread. I bought a big loaf of fresh sourdough bread (my favorite) from price chopper and there was a big hunk left a few days later. I decided why not make some croutons! They would go perfectly with the salad and steak dinner we were planning. It took no time and we even had some left over that I plan to put on a salad for lunch today! I love easy, quick things that use up things I already have in the house. Enjoy!

Yummy homemade croutons


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