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Dress Yourself Skinny Video!!!

6 Jul

Mocha Coconut Creme Frappucinos and My first video!!

5 Jul


Happy 4th of July!

This weekend was crazy. Lots of family and way to much food. My pants are tighter than I would like them to be and my motivation to get back into gear is at an all time high. I admit I get lazy. When there are bowls of chips, brownies and high fat dips sitting in front of me, my will power goes down the drain. I am not thrilled with my eating choices the last few days, but I am determined to refocus as soon as I wake up tomorrow morning.

The good news is over the weekend I found a delicious new treat at Starbucks. The NEW Mocha Coconut Creme Frapuccino.

Image from starbucks


When I first saw the picture on a poster of this drink, I was just sure it was going to be ridiculously high in points. I was so excited when I saw on their webpage that you can alter the ingredients to make it healthier. I switched from whole to skim milk and opted to not have whipped cream. It ended up only being 5 points + and worth every creamy, icy, chocolaty sip!!


You have to give it a try!!!! Yummmmm!!!


So a few people have suggested that I do videos of myself cooking and the whole idea scared me. But, I decided to face my fears and I attempted my first few videos a few weeks ago. First off I did not do my hair and make up, thinking I would be more relatable. WRONG I looked like a mess and the I love MOM apron I was wearing made me look ENORMOUS! So I tried again. This time when I went to view it, I realized I taped from my neck down. NEXT! The next attempt my son started yelling and the baby woke up! SO here is my first attempt at a video. They will get better and I think this method will be great for Giveaways so you can really see the product. I am not cooking in this video, but sharing some tips on exercise. Please be kind……Enjoy!

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