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Crock Pot Greek Yogurt

30 May


Yogurt!! Ahhh creamy, velvety deliciousness! We go through a lot of yogurt in our house. My kids eat it every day for snack and almost daily for lunch. I make a lot of recipes using greek yogurt, that are sooo delicious. It is expensive to buy yogurt constantly, but I think I found a solution – CROCK POT GREEK YOGURT!!! I was so excited when I found this recipe over at A year of slowcooking.

Here are some reasons why I love Greek yogurt!

  • It fills you up.
  • It has luxurious texture.
  • It’s thicker and creamier than regular yogurt.
  • My kids love it.
  • It is full of calcium and protein.
  • It’s good for the digestive system, because it has tons of probiotics.

9 Reasons why making it yourself is a great idea.

  • You can throw it in the crock pot at night and it is ready in the morning for breakfast or snacks.
  • It’s A LOT cheaper – a Greek yogurt from the grocery store is 1.59 each, this method is only .30 per yogurt.
  • You help our planet, by using glass or plastic reusable containers.
  • You can flavor it to your liking with fresh fruit, Agave Syrup, cinnamon, granola, sugar free Jam, pure maple syrup etc.
  • Because you’re growing your own cultures, you know they are active and what the length of the shelf-life is about 7 days from when you make it.
  • It will have a lot less Sugar:  Most yogurts have 5 teaspoons of sugar in a 6 oz. yogurt!  Flavoring yogurt yourself allows you to control the amount of sugar you add.
  • No Strange ingredients: Pectin, Artificial coloring/flavors, modified corn starch, high fructose corn syrup, Aspartame, gelatin, citric acid, and many other additives can be found on yogurt labels in your local grocery store.
  • You can choose a local organic milk source that you trust.
  • It’s VERY easy to make and the kids think it is cool!!


Homemade Greek Yogurt

Creamy delicious Crock Pot Greek Yogurt!

Crock Pot Greek Yogurt



Crockpot Chicken Tomatillo Bake – 8 points +

26 May

As you all know Mexican is my favorite type of food. It is also pretty easy to prepare and my husband and kids gobble it up every time I make it. Today I had to drive the kids to school, do laundry, grocery shop and I have to work at the college this evening, so out came the crock pot. This is a super easy recipe and you can assemble it in 5 minutes, set your slow cooker and go. You will come home to a house smelling heavenly and all you have to do is heat up some refried beans or rice as a side. One of my other favorites Slow Cooker Tortilla Soup would be a great thing to have the next day with any left over shredded chicken. Enjoy!

Image from cassiecraves

Crockpot Chicken Tomatillo Bake

Serves 4


  • 1 cup salsa verde or 1 (7 ounce) jar of tomatillo sauce
  • 1 cup fat free sour cream or plain Greek Yogurt
  • 1 garlic clove, minced
  • 1/3 cup chopped fresh cilantro
  • 8 fat-free corn tortillas
  • 2 cups cooked, shredded chicken
  • 1 cup reduced fat grated cheddar cheese


  1. Mix salsa, cilantro, Greek Yogurt and garlic in a bowl.
  2. Spray crockpot with non-stick cooking spray. Place 2 or 3 tortillas in the bottom of the crock pot. (overlapping as much as possible, you can cut them to fit if necessary)
  3. Spoon 1/4 of the salsa mixture over the tortillas. Spread 1/2 chicken over the mixture and cover evenly with 1/4 cup of cheese.
  4. Top with 2 or 3 more tortillas and spoon 1/4 of salsa mixture, remainder of chicken and 1/4 cup of cheese.
  5. Place last 2 or 3 tortillas over the second layer and top with the rest of the salsa mixture and the remainder of the cheese.
  6. Cover and cook on low for 4 hours.

Serving is 1/4 of the casserole

366 calories, 4 grams fat, 46 grams carbs, 4 grams fiber, 30 grams protein


8 points +








Easy Crock Pot Pork Carnitas! (5 points +)

2 May

Cinco de Mayo is just around the corner! Mexican is one of my favorite types of food, so I decided to take out the crock pot today and create one of my family’s favorite recipes. These are so simple, because all you do is put a boneless pork loin in your crock pot and then shred it and put some sauce on it. It is really delicious, low fat and easy!!! I like to wrap mine in low fat wraps: These are two  great  options –


2 points +

1 point +



Mmmmm Carnitas!

Easy Crock Pot Pork Carnitas!


Easy Slow Cooker Tortilla Soup (4 points +)

4 Apr

Quick,  easy and family friendly! I love the fact that you can throw in frozen chicken breasts at breakfast and you don’t have to worry about it until dinner. My kids especially love the topping bar!!!! So filling and low in points! Enjoy!

Another awesome giveaway starting this wed!!! Stay tuned for details!!

Slow Cooker Tortilla Soup ( 4 points ) […]

Turkey Sausage Slow Cooker Lasagna

28 Feb

We love lasagna. I like to experiment with different ingredients, but I have always cooked it in the oven. I was very excited when I saw a slower cooker lasagna recipe on the weight watchers site. The crock pot is my friend this time of year. We do a lot of soups, chilis and stews, but never lasagna! The recipe online called for lean beef, but we like to use turkey in the majority of our meals, so I decided to start to experiment. This lasagna was so easy to put together. I was shocked! You just stack the items in your crock pot, turn it to low and then forget about it. Not having to cook the noodles before had is a huge time saver and you don’t need to buy those special non cook noodles, any type is fine. My husband suggested turkey bacon and that added a nice smokey flavor. This lasagna was DELICIOUS! It was soft and flavorful and the pieces came out looking like any lasagna I have made in a pan.  We ate it with a huge salad and garlic bread! I would definitely try this the next time you are craving Italian and don’t want to the extra hassle of using the oven.  Yum!


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