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    Bosch JS572EL vs. JS470E 

    Jigsaws are tools for life. They reduce your day to day cutting and carving necessities to a cinch. As the market is flourishing with these tools, there are numerous of them available. It is pretty easy to find yourself in a difficult situation when trying to choose one. Here in this write-up, we have sought to put two widely used jigsaws against each other to figure out the better of the two. We will go on to compare Bosch JS572EL and JS470E by bringing out their pros and cons. Here we begin with the comparison. 

    Bosch JS572EL 

    JS572EL is considered an excellent tool for light to heavy usage. It boasts of a well crafted body. Generally a corded tool, this Bosch runs on 120 volts of power. It has been designed keeping in mind the safety hazards associated with jigsaws. Offering a blade system with diverse applications, this tool can double up for almost every task that involves cutting. 

    Features of the product –  

    • A flexible cord system allows this jigsaw to be used in all possible positions. 
    • It comes with a dust blowing system that blows all the dust away from the workspace. 
    • JS572EL has significantly sharper blades. 
    • The system of cutting has been proven to be high in precision. 
    • This jigsaw can be put to test on thick surfaces as it emerges as the winner. 
    • Three points for stabilization ensure that the user gets uniform results. 
    • There is a base made of plastic along with a metal shoe that prove effective on rougher surfaces. 

    Some cons associated with the product –  

    • There are reported issues that this product requires a wrench to harness it to the table. 
    • JS572EL is not suited to be used daily. 
    • It is expensive. 

    Bosch JS470E 

    The JS470E is a powerful jigsaw that is known to deliver a performance that can be relied on. Of the many jigsaws available on the market, this product has pretty much carved its own niche. It also works on a supply of 120 volts. The maximum angle of cutting is about 45 degrees which is enormous for a tool in this class. 

    Features of the product –  

    • Contrary to many other jigsaws, this tool is not cumbersome to use. The top handle provides for a comfortable grip. 
    • The precision associated with this particular tool is unparalleled. 
    • It is capable of delivering enormous power. 
    • Designed keeping in mind the low vibration requirements during working. 
    • The performance is consistent. 
    • The system of blade-change is seamless with the tool-less technology. There is absolutely no need to get in contact with the hot blade. 

    The cons associated with this product –  

    • There is no room for U-shank blades. 
    • There is an absence of an LED light. 


    While both the products boast of their own essences in a very elegant manner, the JS470E looks like a better choice on paper. However, you should go for whichever suits your needs in particular. The choice is subjective. 

    Happy cutting!