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I love to eat and over the years cooking and baking have become a passion for me as well. I grew up in a family where eating was always the main event. At breakfast we planned lunch, at lunch we planned dinner and at night we dreamed of all of the wonderful things we would consume the next day. Vacations were planned around restaurants we had to go to, whether it was Alfredo’s in Rome to taste their famous pasta or the fabulous Dim Sum place in china town in San Francisco. I have traveled all over Europe and the states and I love different types of cusine. My children now 4 and 6 eat things most adults would not attempt, sushi, falafel, goat cheese etc. In this blog, I plan to share all my favorites. Appetizers, main courses, baked goods and of course desserts. All of these recipes will be in a step by step format with ingredients and pics! So you can recreate them for your family. After having my third child in January 2011, I am working hard to get back to my pre-child body from 7 years ago!! I have been eating healthy and doing Zumba 3 days a week!

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  • Anonymous

    New to your site…. AWESOME!! You look Great!! Congrats on the new baby and the weight loss! I have been a lifetime WW member and employee for 7+ years. Love your recipes & pictures! Keep them coming….

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for loving my site! Do you work for ww?

  • Yvetteleonard0622

    Hey lady! Just now getting opportunity to sit down and really look at blog! It is fantastic…. I love it. You are looking fantastic. -Yvette

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      Thanks Yvette!!!

  • Frank

    Hi Shannon, I’m so happy I came across your blog! I loved reading your bio, reminded me very much of myself…the passion for food, always having food on my mind, planning my next meal as soon as I finished eating the first meal…I’ve also traveled a lot over the last few years & love trying new cuisine…I’m looking forward to trying your recipes, thanks!  Frank

  • ESG

    So glad to find this. I have been a YOYO dieter since I had my daughter. I am trying WW for the 3rd time. I need to lose at least 50lbs. I am terrified that I will fail, but finding your website gives me hope.