Mom Jeans be Gone!

4 Feb


Well I started going to ww meetings again. This past year I told myself I could do it by myself, hey I knew the program. The inital baby weight of 20 or so lbs came off instantly and then I worked hard to lose another 18 following the program at home. Those last stubborn 20 just wouldn’t budge, so I kinda just accepted it. BAD IDEA. No I don’t like have a squishy belly, thighs that rub and flappy arms. But I figured hey I am happily married, I have 3 kids, who cares right. I DO! I want to be a hot, sexy mom, not one who wears high jeans to suck in the fat and is afraid to wear tank tops. So I started going to meetings again one month ago. I have lost 1 – 2 lbs a week and I am down 7 lbs!!!! YES!!!!

How did I do it you ask????? I stick to the program. I plan my meals. I portion out my food. I eat more filling foods, so I am fuller longer. Most importantly I feel in control of my eating FINALLY!

I also have been going to my Zumba class 2 -3 days a week and I got Zumba for our Wii and I love it!!!!

So if you are struggling get to those meetings! Plan and you will succeed!




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  • Robyn @ Blueberries and Oats

    Congratulations Shannon! Keep up the good work! You know you can do it!

  • Carbzilla

    So excited for you.

    I’m definitely struggling to get back to meetings, but my new job isn’t so new anymore. I really have no excuse except that I don’t want to see their face when they see my ten lb gain.

    I know it works. I’ve done it for 20 years now. I even worked for them!

    Thanks for being an inspiration.

  • Maria in NJ

    me too, me too…I started with the MyTrak that I won on a blog last year on January 2 and am down 7 lbs too for the month of …good for you and me too!!!